Turkey Tank Mar 13

Starting just beyond the pavement on Verde Valley School Rd
P3194328   TURKEY TANK P3194329 P3194330 P3194331
P3194332 P3194333 P3194334 P3194335
P3194336 P3194337 P3194338 P3194339   The deepest sinkhole in the Sedona area, 75' deep
P3194340   It opens out at the bottom into a large room P3194341 P3194343 P3194344
P3194345 P3194346 P3194347 P3194348
P3194349 P3194350 P3194351 P3194352
P3194354 P3194355 P3194356 P3194357
P3194358 P3194359 P3194360 P3194362
P3194363 P3194364 P3194365 P3194366
P3194367 P3194368 P3194369 P3194370
P3194371 P3194372 P3194373 P3194374
P3194375 P3194376 P3194377 P3194379
P3194380 P3194381 P3194382 P3194383
P3194385 P3194386 P3194387 P3194388
P3194389 P3194390 P3194392   The first spring flowers emerge P3194393