Twin Buttes Heights Feb 13

Starting from the Mystic trailhead, on Chapel Road, heading north
P2073627   TWIN BUTTES HEIGHTS P2073628 P2073629   A packrat mien P2073630   We leave the Mystic almost immediately to take a higher trail in the same direction
P2073631 P2073632 P2073633 P2073634
P2073635 P2073636 P2073637 P2073638
P2073640 P2073641 P2073642 P2073643
P2073644 P2073645 P2073646 P2073647
P2073648 P2073649 P2073650 P2073651
P2073652 P2073653 P2073654 P2073655   We circle the entire butte behind the Chapel. This is Devil's Dining Room.
P2073656 P2073657 P2073658 P2073659
P2073660 P2073661 P2073663   Staying high on the butte, we emerge above Chicken Point. Submarine Rock is visible in the background. P2073664
P2073666 P2073667 P2073668 P2073669
P2073670 P2073671 P2073672 P2073673   Passing The Nuns
P2073675 P2073676 P2073677 P2073678
P2073679   A short section of the Little Horse... P2073680 P2073682 P2073683
P2073684 P2073685 P2073686   ...We circumnavigate the low butte on the other side of the trail P2073687
P2073688 P2073689 P2073690   Lunch not far from Courthouse Butte, then back to the Little Horse. P2073691
P2073693 P2073695 P2073696 P2073697
P2073698 P2073699   We can now take the Chapel Trail back to the starting point P2073701 P2073702
P2073703 P2073704 P2073705