Twisted Sister Dec 13

A circumnavigation of the Seven Sisters, starting from the CR Ranch entrance on Verde Valley School Rd
PC058699   TWISTED SISTER PC058700 PC058701   A clearing storm is followed by very vold weather PC058702
PC058703   It's still frosty in the early morning valley bottom PC058704 PC058705 PC058706
PC058708 PC058709 PC058711 PC058712
PC058713   Our first, rapid cvlimb brings us to the Highline Trail PC058715 PC058717 PC058718
PC058719 PC058720 PC058721 PC058722
PC058724 PC058725 PC058726   Castle Rock comes into view, very thin from this angle PC058727
PC058728 PC058732 PC058734   We cross the saddle behind Castle Rock PC058735
PC058736 PC058737 PC058741 PC058742
PC058744 PC058745 PC058746 PC058747
PC058748 PC058749 PC058750 PC058752
PC058754 PC058755   Now we're on the Hwy 179 side of the Sisters PC058756 PC058757
PC058758 PC058759   We take the side trail to Diving Board PC058760 PC058761
PC058762 PC058763   Good views of Village of Oak Creek from here PC058764 PC058765
PC058766 PC058767 PC058768 PC058769
PC058771 PC058773   Back to the saddle-crossing point, and then continuing north PC058774 PC058775
PC058778   This spider has taken up residence in the middle of a prickly pear PC058779 PC058780 PC058781
PC058782 PC058783   Looking across Hwy 179 PC058785 PC058786
PC058787 PC058788 PC058790 PC058792
PC058794 PC058795 PC058796 PC058797
PC058799 PC058800 PC058801   RAbbit Ears and Courthouse Butte PC058802
PC058804 PC058805 PC058806 PC058807   Rabbit Ears, Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock
PC058808 PC058810 PC058812 PC058813   A bobcat track in fresh mud
PC058814 PC058815 PC058816 PC058817
PC058819   Just after coming around to the west side of the Sisters, we find a good lunch spot PC058820 PC058821 PC058822
PC058823 PC058825 PC058826 PC058827   Completing the loop on this side means crossing through many coves in the hillside
PC058828 PC058829 PC058831 PC058832
PC058833 PC058834 PC058835 PC058837
PC058838 PC058839 PC058840 PC058843
PC058844 PC058845 PC058846 PC058847   Cathedral Rock falls behind us
PC058848 PC058849 PC058850   Back on the south side again... PC058851
PC058852 PC058853 PC058855 PC058856
PC058857 PC058858 PC058859 PC058860
PC058861 PC058862 PC058863 PC058864
PC058866 PC058867 PC058868 PC058871
PC058873 PC058874   ...where we find the trail back down off the Sisters PC058875 PC058876
PC058877 PC058879