Weatherford Trail Sep 13

From the Schultz Pass trailhead
P9246851   WEATHERFORD TRAIL P9246853 P9246855 P9246856
P9246857 P9246858 P9246859 P9246860
P9246861   We cross into aspen forest P9246862 P9246863 P9246864
P9246865 P9246866 P9246867 P9246868
P9246869 P9246870 P9246873 P9246874   This ponderosa has a plaque
P9246876 P9246877   THe aspen's thin bark invites graffiti P9246878 P9246879
P9246880 P9246881 P9246882   Above the apen belt, we pass into open meadow. THe ferns are already browning off from frost. P9246883
P9246884 P9246886 P9246887 P9246888   We are now in open country approaching Doyle Saddle, but we stop at the 9700' level
P9246889 P9246890 P9246891 P9246892
P9246893 P9246894 P9246895 P9246896   Heading back...
P9246897 P9246898 P9246899 P9246900   A patch of fleabane
P9246902 P9246903 P9246904 P9246905
P9246906 P9246907   A final break just above the aspen P9246908 P9246909
P9246910 P9246912 P9246913 P9246914