Abineau - Bear Jaw Oct 14

This is a loop of three trails starting after a short connector from the trailhead on the west side of San Francisco Peaks
PA020002   ABINEAU - BEAR JAW PA020003 PA020004 PA020005
PA020006 PA020007 PA020008 PA020009
PA020010 PA020011   At this point we take Abineau Trail PA020012 PA020013
PA020014 PA020015 PA020016 PA020017
PA020018 PA020019 PA020021 PA020022
PA020025 PA020026 PA020027   We encounter traces of an avalanche PA020029
PA020030 PA020031 PA020032   The Abineau detours at this point... PA020033
PA020034 PA020036 PA020037   ...up a steep hill, on a precariously rocky detour PA020038
PA020039 PA020040 PA020041 PA020042
PA020043 PA020044   THE avalanche path... PA020045 PA020046
PA020047 PA020048 PA020049 PA020051
PA020052 PA020054   We emeerge fron the trees to great views PA020055 PA020056
PA020057   The highest point on our hike at 10,200' and our lunch stop PA020058 PA020060 PA020062
PA020063 PA020064 PA020065 PA020066   The avalanche path is even more obvious up here
PA020067   Turning aspen. There are a lot fewer aspen on this side of the mountain. PA020068   Next , we take Waterline Road. This will circle the whole mountain and join the road from Lockett MEadow to the Inner Basin pumphouse. PA020070 PA020071
PA020072   A pressure relief station on the waterline that runs along this road PA020073 PA020074 PA020076
PA020077   After about two miles we leave the road to take the Bear Jaw trail PA020078 PA020079 PA020080
PA020081 PA020084 PA020085 PA020087
PA020088   Aover 100 years ago, lonely Basque sheepherders carved these aspen PA020089 PA020090 PA020091
PA020092 PA020093 PA020094 PA020095
PA020096 PA020097 PA020098 PA020099
PA020100 PA020101 PA020102 PA020103
PA020104   This is a rich area of sheepherder designs PA020106 PA020107 PA020108
PA020109 PA020110 PA020112 PA020113
PA020114 PA020116 PA020117 PA020118
PA020121 PA020122 PA020123 PA020124
PA020126 PA020127 PA020128   We have now arrived back at the atarting  connector PA020129
PA020130   From here, a short walk out PA020131 PA020132