Adobe Jack Jul 14

A series of short trails in the USFS land adjacent to Cook's Hill in SR89A
P7240001   ADOBE JACK TRAIL P7240002 P7240003   Adobe Jack is the newest of Sedona'a trailheads P7240004
P7240005 P7240006 P7240007   A n intermittently raining monsoon morning P7240008
P7240009 P7240010   Construction on Lisa Dahl's new restaurant P7240011 P7240012
P7240013 P7240014 P7240015 P7240016   Thiere is smoke in the air from ongoing prescribed burns
P7240017 P7240018 P7240019 P7240020
P7240021 P7240022 P7240023 P7240026
P7240027 P7240028 P7240029 P7240030
P7240031 P7240032 P7240033 P7240034
P7240035 P7240036 P7240037 P7240038
P7240039 P7240040 P7240041 P7240042
P7240043 P7240044 P7240045 P7240046   Now at the corner of the valley opposite the trailhead, and starting a loop back
P7240047 P7240048   This where Custy Trail comes out onto 89A. This leads directly back along the highway to the trailhead. P7240049 P7240050
P7240051 P7240052 P7240053 P7240054
P7240055 P7240056 P7240057 P7240058