Adobe Jack Sep 14

A trail system that fills the small valley at Cook's Hill on the west side of Hwy 89A in Sedona, providing trail access to the Soldier Pass and jordam trailheads
P9090018   ADOBE JACK P9090019   Threatening weather, so we do a series of in-town loops from which we can make a quick exit if necessary P9090020 P9090022
P9090023 P9090024   These trails, though prosaic, offer good views of the west-side rock formations P9090025 P9090026
P9090027 P9090028 P9090029 P9090030
P9090032 P9090035 P9090036 P9090037
P9090039 P9090040 P9090041 P9090043
P9090044 P9090046 P9090047 P9090048
P9090051 P9090052 P9090056   The Anthill is our farthest point for the day P9090057
P9090058 P9090059 P9090061 P9090063
P9090065 P9090066 P9090068 P9090069
P9090071 P9090072 P9090073 P9090074
P9090075 P9090076 P9090078 P9090079
P9090081 P9090083   The Crusty, our last trail of the day, parallels Hwy 89A along a large wash P9090084 P9090085
P9090086 P9090087   At this point, we are near Lisa Dahl's newest restaurant P9090089 P9090090