Airport Loop Apr 14

From the Sunset Park trailhead
P4220002   The trail starts with a short connector called the Lollipop P4220003 P4220004   This takes us to the Airport Loop itself, which features great views of the city on all sides of the mesa
P4220005 P4220006   A silver puff P4220007   Verbena P4220008
P4220009   Indian paintbrush P4220010 P4220011   Black-eye daisies P4220012
P4220014 P4220016   The Vortex Hill P4220017 P4220018
P4220019   The Airport Loop crosses Airport Road P4220020 P4220021   Up Vortex Hill P4220022
P4220024 P4220025   Looking toward VOC: Gibraltar, Courthouse Butte, Bell Rock P4220026 P4220027   Looking down at Airport Rd.
P4220028 P4220030 P4220031 P4220032
P4220034 P4220036 P4220037 P4220038
P4220039   A flowering hedgehog P4220040 P4220041 P4220043
P4220045 P4220046   Ocotillo P4220047 P4220048
P4220049 P4220050   Prickly pear P4220051 P4220053
P4220054   Stopping to rest in the arms of a huge shagbark juniper P4220055 P4220056   This is the 'point of flowers' at the southern end of the mesa, but flowers are few after this year's dry winter P4220059   Back around to a our starting point