Bear Paw Jan 14

Starting from the public Bear Mountain summit trail
P1300286   BEAR PAW
P1300287 P1300288 P1300290
P1300291   The climb up to First Bench P1300292 P1300294 P1300295
P1300296   Instead of climbing Second Bench, we head left along a series of ledges P1300297 P1300298 P1300301
P1300302 P1300303 P1300305   This is the side of Bear Mountain tyhat few hikers ever see P1300306
P1300309 P1300311 P1300313 P1300314
P1300315 P1300316 P1300318   A waterfall forms here when it rains P1300319
P1300322   A series of hoodoos P1300323 P1300324 P1300327   Our eventual destination is just on the other side of this saddle
P1300330   An unusual orange lichen P1300332 P1300334   Facing the hoodoos, a good spot for a break P1300335
P1300337 P1300339 P1300340 P1300341
P1300342 P1300343 P1300344   We walk this series of ledges P1300347
P1300349 P1300350 P1300351 P1300352
P1300353 P1300354 P1300355 P1300356
P1300359 P1300360 P1300361 P1300363   This 'scarred wall' is an eroded surface originally formed by cross-bedding
P1300365 P1300366 P1300367 P1300368
P1300369   Rainwater stays here for extended periods P1300371 P1300372 P1300375
P1300376 P1300378 P1300379 P1300380
P1300382   Cross-bedding indicates ancient sand dunes P1300383 P1300385 P1300386
P1300388 P1300389 P1300391 P1300392
P1300393 P1300394 P1300396 P1300397
P1300398   Crossing another tricky ledge. The vlack streaks are places of long-term water flow in wet periods. P1300402 P1300403 P1300404
P1300405 P1300406 P1300407 P1300409   We have reached our lunch spot, but first we takee a side trip to a lower level that may have been a Sinagua lookout position.
P1300411 P1300412 P1300413 P1300414
P1300415 P1300417 P1300418 P1300419
P1300421 P1300423 P1300425 P1300426
P1300428 P1300429 P1300430 P1300431
P1300432   It turns cloudy as a storm system slowly moves in P1300434   Down from out view point to the Sinagua lookout point P1300435 P1300436
P1300437 P1300442 P1300447 P1300448   Heading back, we take a side trip up the saddle we saw earlier
P1300450 P1300452 P1300453   ...To see this 'window' in the outer formation. P1300454
P1300455 P1300456 P1300458 P1300460
P1300463   This is likely to have been a Sinagua "mine" for building stones P1300464 P1300465 P1300466
P1300468   Looking back at the saddle where we saw the window, we now see the second group. P1300470 P1300473 P1300474
P1300476 P1300478   The spectacular lo,e-green lichen P1300479 P1300480
P1300484 P1300485 P1300489   Almost down - but is someone up there on the mountain naked? P1300490