Bear Paw Nov 14

A hike southward along the first bench on Bear Mountain
PB060001   BEAR PAW PB060004   Crossing the boundary fence to the Bear Mountain trails PB060005   First we cross an expanse of gullied grassland PB060006
PB060008   Then the climb to First Bench PB060009 PB060010 PB060011
PB060012   Now we head left along this level PB060013 PB060014 PB060016
PB060017 PB060019 PB060020 PB060021
PB060022 PB060024 PB060025 PB060026
PB060028 PB060029 PB060030 PB060032
PB060033 PB060034 PB060035   Time for a break PB060036   The hoodoos
PB060037 PB060038 PB060040 PB060041
PB060043 PB060044 PB060046 PB060047
PB060048 PB060049 PB060050 PB060052
PB060054 PB060055   Out on our first point, and an oportunity to see the 'scarred wall'. PB060057 PB060058   ...Which is a steep scramble down off the point
PB060059 PB060061 PB060062   A look back PB060066
PB060068 PB060070 PB060071   Some good cross-bedding PB060072   A selfie: I'm the rightmost silhouette
PB060074 PB060076   Back up to the top PB060077 PB060078   And onward...
PB060079 PB060080 PB060081   Watch for slick spots on the pour-off! PB060082
PB060083   In the distance, the first smoke from a prescribed burn on Mingus Mountain PB060084   Note that high saddle, for we will be returning to it later PB060085 PB060086
PB060088 PB060090   We approach the second point, where we turn around PB060091   Note the sun shining thorugh a window in the saddle above PB060092
PB060093   Going beyind this point is very hazardous... PB060096   ...but the Scouts have made it to the spire opposite, from the other direction PB060097 PB060100
PB060101 PB060102   There they are! PB060104   For us, it's lunchtime PB060107
PB060109 PB060110   Meanwhile, the Scouts are making their way toward us on the high ledge PB060112   They start to attract our attention PB060113
PB060115 PB060116 PB060117 PB060119
PB060122   One Scout tries ledgewalking below the rest of the group, toward us PB060125 PB060127   That's about as far as he can go PB060128
PB060130   The stunt now has our undivided attention PB060131 PB060132 PB060134
PB060135 PB060138   Back to the group PB060139   An old manzanita PB060140
PB060142   We start our own return, first over exfoliated, varnished sandstone tiles PB060144   Because the the damp summer, there is a lot of fluorescent lichen PB060147 PB060148   Now for us to climb the saddle to the window seen previously
PB060149 PB060150   Looking down from the saddle PB060151   From there we can see the window PB060152 the opposing rock
PB060154 PB060155 PB060156 PB060158
PB060160   Our second of three groups on the spot where we just lunched PB060161   We return the way we came PB060163 PB060164
PB060165 PB060167 PB060168 PB060171   But one more side visit, to this overhanging rock
PB060172   ...with a cowboy graffito on the underside PB060173 PB060174 PB060175
PB060176 PB060178 PB060179 PB060180
PB060181 PB060182 PB060183 PB060184
PB060186 PB060187 PB060188 PB060189
PB060190 PB060191 PB060192 PB060195
PB060196 PB060197 PB060198 PB060199   Down from First Bench
PB060201 PB060202