Bell Trail Apr 14

From the FR618 traulhead
P4150007   BELL TRAIL
P4150008 P4150009   The trail takes us up Wet Beaver Creek P4150010
P4150012 P4150013 P4150014 P4150015
P4150018   First view of the Creek P4150019   The hedgehogs are in flower P4150020 P4150021   Just off the trail, a pit house. This is a toppled wall.
P4150022 P4150023 P4150024 P4150025
P4150026   A metate P4150027   The turnoff for Weir Trail... P4150028   ...which takes us down to the creek P4150029
P4150030 P4150031   The gauging station, which monitors the levelof the perennial creek P4150032   The swimming hole behind the weir P4150033
P4150034 P4150035 P4150037 P4150039
P4150040 P4150041 P4150042 P4150043
P4150045 P4150046 P4150048 P4150049
P4150050 P4150051 P4150052 P4150053
P4150054 P4150055   A USGS benchmark at the gauging station P4150057 P4150058
P4150059 P4150060 P4150062 P4150064
P4150065 P4150066 P4150067 P4150068
P4150069 P4150070 P4150071 P4150072
P4150073 P4150074 P4150075   A basakt intrusion dike P4150076
P4150077 P4150078 P4150079 P4150080
P4150081 P4150082 P4150083 P4150084   Lunch at The Crack
P4150086 P4150087 P4150088 P4150089
P4150090 P4150091 P4150092 P4150093
P4150095 P4150096 P4150098   Diping a toe into the cold spring water P4150099
P4150100 P4150101 P4150102 P4150104   Removing prickly pear spines
P4150105 P4150106 P4150107 P4150108
P4150109   Indian paintbrush P4150110 P4150111   Heading back P4150112
P4150113 P4150114 P4150115 P4150116   An equestrian party
P4150117   The pictograph rock P4150118   The original is small and at the center of the rock