Cockscomb Feb 14

Starting from the Aerie trailhead between Doe and Cockscomb
P2040492   COCKSCOMB AND DOE MOUNTAIN P2040493 P2040494   We head for Cockscomb first P2040495
P2040498 P2040500 P2040501 P2040503   iHigh enough for a view of the Aerie residential development
P2040504 P2040505   The scramble to the top of Cockscomb P2040506 P2040507
P2040508 P2040509 P2040511 P2040513
P2040516 P2040518 P2040521   People already on top are doing yoga P2040522
P2040523   Diwn at Aerie, a new home under construction P2040525   We're now aming the Cockscomb pillars P2040526 P2040527   The yoga practitioners. Note Chimney Rock in the background.
P2040529 P2040530 P2040531 P2040532
P2040533 P2040534 P2040536 P2040538
P2040539 P2040540 P2040542   Morning break, and a map check P2040544
P2040545 P2040548 P2040549 P2040551
P2040552   Back down off Cockscomb P2040553 P2040555 P2040556
P2040557 P2040558 P2040562   We cross just behind the Aerie boundary, and hread for the west side of Dow Mountain P2040563
P2040564 P2040565 P2040566 P2040568   Almost up...
P2040571 P2040572   Then through one final chute P2040573 P2040576
P2040577 P2040578 P2040580 P2040581   ...To the top of the mesa
P2040582 P2040583 P2040584   We're now looking at Aerie from the other side P2040585
P2040586 P2040587   Crossing the back (south) side of Doe P2040588 P2040589
P2040590 P2040592 P2040593   Cold and windy today, but here's a sheltered lunch spot P2040595
P2040597 P2040598 P2040599 P2040601
P2040602 P2040603 P2040605 P2040606
P2040607   Down the front side of the mesa on the public trail P2040609 P2040610 P2040611
P2040612   But just short of the trail's bottom, we fork off onto the Aerie trail P2040613 P2040615 P2040616
P2040617   This brings us back to our starting point