Cockscomb To Doe Dec 14

A hike across two hills: first, up the Cockscomb from the Aerie trailhead, then across beside Aerie to the side of Doe Mountain, then up Doe and return on the north-side public trail to Aerie Trailhead
PC090002   COCKSCOMB TO DOE MOUNTAIN PC090003   Signing in at the trail register PC090005 PC090006   We start by heading toward Cockscomb
PC090007 PC090009   Passing close to the Aerie development boundary PC090010 PC090011   This trail was well populated
PC090012   Climbing Cockscomb PC090014   Large houses in Aerie below us PC090015 PC090016
PC090017 PC090018   We're at the end pillars PC090019 PC090020
PC090022 PC090024 PC090025 PC090026
PC090027 PC090029 PC090030   Doe Mountain, our next target PC090031   The first scramble up a vertical layer
PC090032 PC090033 PC090034 PC090035   This seems to have been a small ceremonial room
PC090036 PC090037 PC090038 PC090039
PC090040 PC090041 PC090042 PC090043
PC090044 PC090045 PC090047   The second scramble up PC090049
PC090050 PC090051 PC090052 PC090053
PC090055 PC090056 PC090057   The mesa top of Cockscomb PC090058
PC090059 PC090061 PC090062 PC090064
PC090065 PC090066 PC090069 PC090070
PC090071 PC090072 PC090073 PC090074   A good place for a break
PC090075 PC090077 PC090078 PC090079
PC090080 PC090081 PC090083   New construction at Aerie PC090084   Multicolored lichens
PC090085 PC090086   Now we head down the way we came up PC090087 PC090088
PC090090 PC090091 PC090092 PC090093   We cross in front of Aerie...
PC090094 PC090095   Over the entrance road PC090097   And up Doe Mountain on the other side PC090098
PC090099 PC090100 PC090101 PC090102
PC090103 PC090104 PC090105 PC090106
PC090107   Near the top of the mesa PC090108 PC090109 PC090111
PC090112 PC090113 PC090114 PC090115
PC090116 PC090117 PC090119   And we're up! PC090120
PC090121 PC090123   We circle the south side of Doe PC090124 PC090125   Lunch!
PC090126 PC090127 PC090129 PC090130
PC090131   We work our way around to the public trail side PC090132 PC090133 PC090135
PC090136 PC090137   A tourist helicopter buzzes close PC090138 PC090139
PC090140 PC090141   And down the public trail on the north side of the mesa PC090144 PC090145
PC090146 PC090148   Near the Doe Mtn parking, we turn left onto the Aerie connector... PC090149   ...which takes us back