Devil's Door Mar 14

From the trailhead at Long Canyon
P3130002   DEVIL'S DOOR P3130003   First, we haed for the old Devil's Bridge parking area on FR 152 P3130004   This signage is confusing for people starting at the end of FR 152 P3130005
P3130006 P3130008 P3130010   The first flowers of sprig are coming P3130011
P3130012 P3130014   FR 152, now no longer driveable except by tour jeeps P3130015 P3130016   The trail up to Devil's Bridge
P3130017 P3130018 P3130020   First, we look under the bridge P3130021
P3130022 P3130024 P3130025   Then we climb to the top P3130027
P3130029 P3130030 P3130031 P3130032   He's standing at the skinniest place we saw from below
P3130034 P3130036 P3130037 P3130038   On top of the bridge
P3130039 P3130042 P3130044 P3130047
P3130049 P3130050 P3130051 P3130052
P3130053 P3130055   An old Arizona cypress, still multicolored P3130056   On our way to Lost Canyon, our second destination P3130057
P3130058   This is at the end of a long wash P3130060 P3130061 P3130062
P3130063 P3130064 P3130065 P3130066   A good place for lunch
P3130068 P3130069 P3130070 P3130071
P3130074 P3130075 P3130076 P3130077   A twisted cypress log
P3130078   The ruin, which is visible from far above on the Holdier Heights trail P3130082 P3130086 P3130087
P3130088 P3130089 P3130090 P3130091
P3130092 P3130093 P3130094 P3130095
P3130096 P3130098 P3130099 P3130100
P3130102 P3130104 P3130110 P3130111
P3130112 P3130113 P3130114 P3130115
P3130116 P3130118   On the way out, a view of Balanced Rock P3130119 P3130120