Europe C2C01 - Arrival At St Bees

This set begins the Coast To Coast hike across the UK. First, the day of arrival in the rainy Cumbrian coastal town of St Bees.
P5030336   ARRIVAL DAY AT ST BEES Barrow-In-Furness railway station, start of the local up the Cumbrian coast P5030337 P5030339 P5030340
P5030342   Barrow is still on the edge of the industrial belt, but it rapidly gets rural after that P5030343 P5030345 P5030347   The Irish Sea comes into view
P5030348 P5030349 P5030350 P5030351
P5030352 P5030353   The Sellafield nuclear reprocessing center, just before St Bees P5030355 P5030358
P5030359   St Bees, and I'm ready to hike! P5030360 P5030361   Many C2C hikers pass through town every day. This is the map at the railway sation. P5030362   Right outside the station, the main street of St Bees
P5030363 P5030364   Whineray Texel is a breed of sheep from the Frisian Islands. This narrative will become increasingly ovine as we hike on. P5030366   The street rises steeply P5030367   Some of us stayed at this hotel, and this is where we ate the first night
P5030368   I settle in at Fairladies Barn, our first B & B of the trip P5030370 P5030372 P5030373   My room has its own entrance
P5030374   Guest laundry on the line. This is the farmers' way of bringing rain. P5030375 P5030376   Across the street from Fairladies. The name refers to a prominent British lodge, equivalent to our Elks. P5030377
P5030378 P5030379 P5030380   Apparently there are not many Methodists here P5030381   The sign for Outrigger Place, a side street
P5030382 P5030383 P5030384 P5030385
P5030386   Remember when community bulletin boards were on paper? P5030387 P5030388   Community notices and a reference to the upcoming EU Parliamentary Election P5030389   The Post Office doubles as a convenience store, almost the only place where you can buy anything in St Bees
P5030390 P5030391 P5030392 P5030393   There are many B&Bs and small hotels on the main street
P5030394 P5030395 P5030396 P5030397
P5030398 P5030399 P5030401 P5030402
P5030403 P5030404 P5030405 P5030406
P5030407 P5030408