Europe C2C02 - A Day in St Bees

This was my free day in St Bees before the start of the hike, exploring the town and the adjoining coast
P5040409   A DAY IN ST BEES At Fairladys, a motorcycle club heads out into a rainy morning. P5040411 P5040412 P5040413
P5040415 P5040416 P5040417 P5040418
P5040421 P5040423   This bike won't start, so the sharp downhill out of the hotel suffices P5040427 P5040428
P5040431 P5040433   Just steps off the main street, the sheepness begins P5040434   May is lambing time. All lambs of this breed are born black, and then lighten with maturity. P5040435
P5040436 P5040437 P5040439 P5040441
P5040442   Every fireplace has its own separate chimney P5040443   The largest hotel in town, at the beach P5040444   New construction is carefully kept in theme with the old P5040446   These 'groins' keep the sand from drifting down the beach
P5040448   St Bees Head, where we will hike to our starting point P5040449   Locals out for the day P5040451 P5040452   Holiday cottages on the beach. The 'old town' and main street are to the right.
P5040453   The yellow-flowering bush is gorse P5040454   Unlike traditional stiles, the 'kissing gate' is the new and accessible way to cross a fence P5040455 P5040457
P5040458 P5040459   This misty, drizzly "sea fret" is the most common kind of weather on the Cumbrian coast P5040461 P5040464
P5040465 P5040466 P5040467   A traditional stile P5040468
P5040471   The yellow flower here is a canola field P5040474   A life preserver at the ready for swimmers P5040475 P5040476
P5040477 P5040478 P5040479 P5040480   A WW I cenotaph. This is the centennial year.
P5040482   The Priory Church of St Mary and St Bega, origin of the town's name P5040483 P5040484 P5040485
P5040486 P5040487 P5040488 P5040489
P5040490 P5040491 P5040492 P5040493
P5040494 P5040495 P5040496 P5040497   The church cemetery
P5040498 P5040499 P5040500 P5040501
P5040502 P5040503   The sign for a church parking area P5040504 P5040505
P5040506 P5040507 P5040508 P5040509
P5040510   This boarding school was founded in 1583 by the Archbishop of Canterbury P5040511 P5040512 P5040515
P5040516   New houses near the School P5040518 P5040519 P5040520
P5040521 P5040522 P5040523 IMG 2895   The first meeting of our group, at the Manor