Europe C2C03 - St Bees to Ennerdale

The first day of the hike. Our party is eight Australians, four Americans, one British, and our leader, Malcolm Wade. On our first day, we hike north to St Bees Head and then strike inland through Cleator until we reach Dent Fell, the beginning of the Lake District, reaching Ennerdale for our first night's stay.
IMG 2896   Breakfast at Fairladys P5050524   After assembling at the Albert Hotel near the railway station, we pass by the beach where we each pick up a small stone. By tradition this is thrown into the North Sea at the end of the hike. P5050525 P5050527
P5050528   In 1907 the SS Izaro, carrying iron ore to the smelter, was wrecked here P5050529   "Wainwright's Wall" is the official start marker for the C2C. The three dotted boxes are the National Parks we will be passing through. P5050531   This is where we get our start-of-the-trail pictures P5050533   Malcolm leads as we start our north along the cliff top to the westernmost point on St Bees Head
P5050534 P5050535   A final look back on the town P5050536 P5050537
P5050538 P5050539 P5050540   KIssing gates vary a lot in size; some of them are difficult to negotiate with a pack on. P5050541
P5050542 P5050543   Only one trail seen here is human. The rest were made by sheep. P5050544 P5050545
P5050546 P5050547 P5050551   Black guillemots nest by the thousands along the cliff, while seagulls cruise by, hoping to steal their eggs. P5050553
P5050554 P5050555 P5050556 P5050557   St Bees Light, as we approach the westernmost point on the Head.
P5050558   Crossing a stile P5050560 P5050561 P5050562
P5050563 P5050564 P5050566 P5050567
P5050568 P5050569 P5050570 P5050571
P5050572 P5050573 P5050574 P5050576   Our first rest stop, at an abandoned quarry on the cliff top
P5050577 P5050578 P5050579 P5050580
P5050581   We head inland P5050584 P5050585 P5050587
P5050588   The village of Sandwith (pronounced Sannoth) P5050589 P5050590 P5050591
P5050592 P5050594 P5050595 P5050596
P5050597 P5050598   A canola field P5050599 P5050600   We don't pass through Whitehaven, but turn east into sheep country
P5050601 P5050603 P5050605 P5050606   The railway viaduct
P5050607 P5050608   A gated footbridge P5050609 P5050610
P5050611   A road crossing, which we climb onto P5050612 P5050613 P5050614   ...for a rest stop
P5050615 P5050616   A cast iron sign P5050619   The village of Moore Row P5050620
P5050621 P5050622 P5050624 P5050625
P5050626 P5050628   The town of Cleator P5050629 P5050630
P5050631 P5050632 P5050633 P5050634
P5050635   Up Black How... P5050636 P5050637 P5050638   ...onto Dent Fell, our first big glacial hill of the Lake District
P5050640 P5050642 P5050644   Lunch atop Dent Fell P5050646
P5050648 P5050649 P5050650 P5050651   Heading down to Ennerdale Wood
P5050652 P5050653   These second-growth larches were planted as mine timber stock, but were preserbed when the mines closed P5050654   But they will have to be cut down because they harbor phythophthora fungus, which can ingfect other trees and bushes in the area. They will be replaced with native deciduous trees. P5050655   A deer stile, the tallest type
P5050656 P5050657 P5050658 P5050659
P5050660 P5050661   After a steep descent from the Fell we come to the Nannycatch Valley P5050662   Up the valley toward Ennerdale P5050663
P5050665 P5050666 P5050667 P5050669
P5050671 P5050672   My B&B at Ennerdale, the first of several that host us on our first night on the trail P5050673 P5050674   Taking our boots off feels so good...
P5050676   Tea to unwind after our first day P5050677   The proprietors at Thorntrees P5050680   Timw to get ready for dinner at the Shepherd's Arms folderimage