Europe C2C04 - Ennerdale to Borrowdale

From Ennerdale along Ennerdale Water, over Great Gable via the Blacksail Hut, into the Honister Valley, to Borrowdale
P5060681   ENNERDALE TO BORROWDALE P5060682 P5060683 P5060684   Over Ennerdale Bridge, we head down to Ennerdale Water
P5060685 P5060686 P5060687 P5060688   This is our first lake ("Water") of the Lake District
P5060690 P5060691 P5060692   We walk along the south shore to the end of the Water P5060693
P5060694 P5060695 P5060697 P5060698
P5060699 P5060700 P5060701 P5060703
P5060705   The trail undulates as we proceed to the  end of the lake P5060706 P5060707 P5060708
P5060709 P5060711 P5060713 P5060715
P5060716 P5060717 P5060719 P5060720
P5060721 P5060722 P5060724 P5060726
P5060729 P5060730   The lake is fed by the Liza. We proceed up its valley. P5060731 P5060733
P5060735 P5060736 P5060737 P5060738
P5060739 P5060741 P5060742 P5060744
P5060745 P5060748   Yonder is the saddle of Grey Knotts, which will be our major height of the day P5060749 P5060750
P5060751 P5060752 P5060754 P5060756   Black Sail Hut, a youth hostel, near the head iof the valley
P5060758   Although not being used at the moment, it is open for us to have lunch P5060759 P5060760   We can even make tea P5060761
P5060762 P5060763 P5060764 P5060765
P5060766 P5060767 P5060769   Refreshed, we head over Loft Beck P5060771
P5060772   Wed cross many small feeder streams of the Liza, and our first mud P5060773 P5060774 P5060775
P5060777 P5060779 P5060780 P5060781   Coming over the top, we can see down into the Wharnscale Valley
P5060782 P5060784 P5060786 P5060787
P5060789   Below us, Buttermere P5060790 P5060792 P5060793
P5060795 P5060796   But we continue over the fell until we encounter the track of the old slate mine railway P5060797   This leads us down into Honister Valley P5060798
P5060800 P5060801 P5060802   Here a slate mine still operates P5060803
P5060804 P5060805 P5060806   ...and is a convenient place for a rest and tea P5060807
P5060808 P5060809 P5060810 P5060811
P5060812 P5060813 P5060814   From here, we move on toward Rosthwaite P5060815   A wall with slate "throughstones"
P5060816 P5060817 P5060818 P5060820
P5060821 P5060823 P5060824 P5060826
P5060829 P5060830 P5060832   Approaching Borrowdale... P5060833
P5060834 P5060835 P5060836 P5060838
P5060840 P5060841 P5060843   Several of us stayed here, in a home on the main road with lots of flowers P5060844
P5060845 P5060846 P5060847 P5060848
P5060849 P5060850 P5060851 P5060853
P5060854   But I went to Stonethwaite Farm... P5060855 P5060856 P5060857
P5060859   ...seeing the back part of the village at the same time P5060860 P5060861