Europe C2C05 - Borrowdale to Grasmere

From my stay at a Pilgrim-era farmouse in Borrowdale, reputed to be the rainiest spot in England, we make our way over Greenup Edge to Grasmere, home of William Wordsworth and famed for its gingerbread
P5070862   BORROWDALE TO GRASMERE P5070863   Leaving Borrowdale P5070865 P5070866
P5070867 P5070868 P5070869 P5070870
P5070872 P5070873 P5070874 P5070875
P5070877 P5070878   Now we start the steep climb up Greenup Gill onto Greenup Edge P5070879 P5070880
P5070881 P5070882 P5070883 P5070885
P5070886 P5070888 P5070889 P5070890
P5070891 P5070892   Borrowdale is rainiest spot in the UK, and it didn't let us down that day P5070893 P5070895   We're expecting mud, so time to put on gaiters
P5070896 P5070897 P5070898   Star moss, which with sphagnum covers boggy areas on this hike P5070899
P5070900 P5070901 P5070903 P5070904   Over the top in intermittent heavy rain, and we begin the descent toward Grasmere
P5070905 P5070906 P5070908 P5070910   It's getting thick now
P5070911   Sometimes we can jump streams like this, and sometimes we can't P5070913 P5070914 P5070915
P5070917 P5070919 P5070920 P5070921   But as we descend, there is more and more water
P5070922 P5070923 P5070924 P5070925
P5070926 P5070927   Coming into Grasmere, home of William Wordsworth. P5070928 P5070931
P5070932 P5070933 P5070934 P5070936
P5070938 P5070939 P5070940 P5070941
P5070942 P5070943 P5070944 P5070945
P5070946 P5070947 P5070948 P5070949   Fortunately, the heavy rain held off until we got to this point
P5070951 P5070955 folderimage folderthumb