Europe C2C06 - Grasmere to Glenridding

From Grasmere to Glenridding on Ullswater, through the valley between Helvellyn and St Sunday Crag, both of which were shrouded in mist that day and impassable
P5080001   GRASMERE TO GLENRIDDING P5080002   Getting ready to leave Grasmere P5080003 P5080004
P5080005   Helm Crag P5080006 P5080007 P5080008
P5080010 P5080011   Crossing Tongue Gill at Mill Bridge P5080012 P5080013
P5080014   Following the Tongue up to Seat Sandal P5080015 P5080017 P5080018
P5080019 P5080020 P5080024 P5080025
P5080026   Trail building is in progress here. This 1-tonne bag of stone has just been delivered by helicopter. P5080028 P5080029   Another stone delivery P5080031
P5080032 P5080033 P5080034   This is the improved trail P5080035   A geolocation finder
P5080036   Grisedale tarn P5080037 P5080038 P5080039
P5080041 P5080042   Grisedale Beck exiting the tarn P5080043   Taking an upward trail to the right here would lead us up to Helvellyn, but because of the foggy weather we opt to follow the valley down P5080044
P5080045 P5080046   The Parting Stone, where WIllian Wordsworth said goodbye to his brother John, who was about to put to sea. John never returned. P5080047 P5080049
P5080050 P5080051 P5080052 P5080053
P5080054 P5080055 P5080057 P5080058   Ruthwaite Lodge, a hostel. It was not open today. Behind, Ruthwaite Beck tumbles down to join Grisedale Beck.
P5080059 P5080060 P5080061   Much of the slate quarried in this region us used for roofing P5080062   This slug's protective mimicry is to look like just another sheep scat
P5080063 P5080064 P5080065   The first farms of Glenridding/Patterdale come into view P5080066
P5080067 P5080068 P5080069   A sheepfold. Shepherds build these wherever small numbers of sheep need to be sheltered for any reason. P5080070
P5080071 P5080072 P5080073 P5080075
P5080078 P5080079 P5080080 P5080081
P5080082 P5080083 P5080084 P5080086
P5080088   Original entrance of the icehouse P5080089   Lanty's Tarn Icehouse: winter ice from this artificial tarn was harvested and stored in a large earth-sheltered icehouse built right under where we're standing. P5080091 P5080092
P5080093   Now we can look down into Ullswater, our next stop P5080094 P5080096 P5080097
P5080098 P5080099 P5080100 P5080101
P5080102   Glenridding, the first village on Ullswater... P5080103 P5080104 P5080105   ...and this is my stay for the night.
P5080107   In Cumbria, outside dining weather means "Not actually raining at the moment." P5080108 P5080109 P5080110
P5080112 P5080113 P5080114   Grisedale Beck as it flows through town P5080115   It has an actual Best Western!
P5080117 P5080118   Checking in at the Mosscrag P5080119 P5080120
P5080121 P5080122 P5080123 P5080125   A mossy slate-roofed boathouse between Glenridding and Patterdale
P5080127 P5080128 P5080129 P5080130
P5080131 P5080133 P5080134   The Old Police House in Patterdale is now a B&B P5080135
P5080136   St. Patrick's Church was built in 1853 P5080138 P5080140   The Patterdale cenoytaph (WW I) P5080141
P5080142 P5080143   Never ask an American why this sign is considered funny P5080144 P5080145
P5080146 P5080147   The Ullswater shore P5080148 P5080149   Back in Glenridding...
P5080150 P5080151 P5080152