Europe C2C07 - Glenridding to Shap

On our last day in the Lake District, we hike from Ullswater across Kidsty Pike and along Haweswater. This takes us out of the Lake District to the Eden District at Shap, a historic market town.
P5090153   GLENRIDDING TO SHAP P5090154   Glenriddimg to the group start at Patterdale in the rain P5090155 P5090157   This had been our dining spot the previous evening
P5090159 P5090160   We climb toward Angle Tarn P5090161 P5090162   A look back at Patterdale
P5090164 P5090165 P5090166 P5090167
P5090168   As we climb toward Kidsty Pike, a water siphon P5090171 P5090175   Angle Tarn P5090181   High on Kidsty Pike, we encounter intermittent rain and high winds
P5090182 P5090183 P5090184 P5090186
P5090187 P5090188 P5090189 P5090190
P5090191   Yes, that's a patch of snow still up there P5090192 P5090193 P5090195   Crossing the top of the Pike, our highest point at 2560'
P5090198 P5090199 P5090200 P5090201
P5090203 P5090205   Our first sight of Haweswater P5090206 P5090207   Now for the hard part: the steep descent to Haweswater on the worst trail yet
P5090209 P5090213 P5090214   Yes, this is called a 'trail' P5090215   Haweswater and Wood Howe island
P5090216 P5090217 P5090218 P5090219
P5090220 P5090221 P5090224 P5090225   Our last rest before Haweswater
P5090226 P5090227   We cross Randale Beck P5090228 P5090229
P5090230 P5090231 P5090232 P5090233
P5090234 P5090235   Now that Kidsty Pike is absorbing more of the rainfall, we get some clearing weather P5090238 P5090239   A newly planted deciduous forest by the lake
P5090240   Speaking Crag P5090242 P5090244 P5090245
P5090246 P5090248 P5090249 P5090250
P5090251 P5090252 P5090254 P5090255
P5090256 P5090257 P5090258 P5090259
P5090260 P5090262 P5090263 P5090264
P5090265 P5090266   At the end of Haweswater, we emerge into Burnbanks. We are now leaving the Lake District. P5090267 P5090268
P5090269 P5090270   At Naddle Bridge, our first honor box. A local has set out drinks that can buy. P5090271 P5090272
P5090273   We follow Gill Dubs down tehe valley P5090274 P5090275 P5090276
P5090279 P5090280 P5090281   The gorse here smells like coconut as it blooms in the sun P5090282   Crossing Swindale Beck
P5090283 P5090284 P5090285 P5090286
P5090287 P5090288 P5090289   Shap Abbey P5090290   Over the fields toward Shap
P5090291 P5090292   The village of Shap P5090293 IMG 2901
IMG 2902 P5090297 folderimage folderthumb