Europe C2C08 - Shap to Kirkby Stephen

Across the valley separating the Lake District from the north-south Pennines range, we hike to Kirkby Stephen, home of the Faraday family and location of a large marketplace. This marks the eastern edge of Cumbria.
P5100298   SHAP TO KIRKBY STEPHEN Luggage ready at Shap for transfer to the next stop. P5100299 P5100300   Our breakfast table at Shap P5100301
P5100302 P5100303   Near the start we cross a rail line and a freeway. No, this train has not been graffitoed. P5100304 P5100305   Active operations at Hardendale Quarry
P5100306 P5100307   We encounter a new style stile: all stone P5100308 P5100309
P5100311 P5100312   Heading toward Sunbiggin Tarn P5100313 P5100314   Intermittent downpours today
P5100316   Geologists call this exposed rock  "limestone pavement." Locally, the blocks are 'clints' and the fissures between them are 'grikes'. P5100317 P5100319 P5100320
P5100321 P5100323 P5100325 P5100327
P5100328 P5100329 P5100330 P5100331
P5100333 P5100334 P5100335 P5100336
P5100337 P5100339   The Smardale Valley P5100340 P5100341
P5100343   Smardale Bridge, crosing Smardale Gill, a classic packhorse bridge. The Neolithic pillow mounds to the left of the bridge are locally called Giants' Graves. P5100344 P5100345 P5100347   Clearing weather as we cross the side of Smardale Fell
P5100349 P5100350 P5100351 P5100352   Descending into the valley of Kirkby Stephen. The second K is silent.
P5100355 P5100357 P5100359 P5100360   The town of Kirkby Stephen lies ahead
P5100361 P5100362 P5100363 P5100364
P5100365   Splitting up into our night's lodgings P5100366   This very old road sign still lists furlong distances! P5100367   Checking in at the Black Bull P5100368
P5100369 P5100370 P5100371   Kirkby Stephen is a substantial town, whose market was founded in 1352. P5100372
P5100373   The market square. The old market building itself is the red sandstone structure to the left. P5100374 P5100375 P5100376
P5100377 P5100378 P5100379   This plaque commemmorating Afred Wainwright is in front of the old market building P5100380
P5100382 P5100383   Behind the market, the Kirkby Stephen Parish Church P5100384 P5100385
P5100386 P5100387 P5100388 P5100389
P5100391 P5100392 P5100393 P5100394
P5100395 P5100396   This church a\has been converted into shops P5100397   ...while this one is now a hostel P5100398
P5100399   Parallel to the main street, a row of old buildings P5100400 P5100401 P5100402