Europe C2C09 - Kirkby Stephen to Keld

We hike up the notoriously boggy Nine Standards Rigg where a line of mysterious Neolithic cairns marks the boundary of Yorkshire, and then descend into the valley of the Swale, which we will follow east for the next three days
P5110404   KIRKBY STEPHEN TO KELD P5110405   Crossing the Eden as we leave town P5110406 P5110407
P5110408 P5110409 P5110410 P5110412   We start the climb of Nine Standards Rigg, first of the Pennines
P5110413 P5110414   More intermittent rain-with-wind today P5110415 P5110416
P5110417 P5110418 P5110419 P5110420
P5110421 P5110422   It starts to get muddy as we climb P5110424 P5110425   The Standards are Neolithic cairns of unknown use
P5110426   They stand on the only solid rock on the Rigg P5110427 P5110428 P5110429   As we step off the Standards outcropping to cross the top of the Rigg, it starts to get boggy. Welcome to Yorkshire!
P5110430   Any small stream crossing the Rigg becomes a deep mire P5110431   Swamp thing! Neil just got pulled out of a thigh-deep sinkhole P5110433 P5110434
P5110435   What's most amazing for Americans is that notwithstanding all rain, water and mud we have encountered - no mosquitos! P5110436   Lunch at a grouse-hunters' hut as we descend from the Rigg P5110437 P5110438
P5110439 P5110440 P5110441 P5110442
P5110443 P5110444 P5110445   Ravenseat Farm, one of the most isolated in England P5110446
P5110448   From here we go down into the valley of the Swale P5110449 P5110450 P5110451
P5110452 P5110453 P5110454   Crossing the Swale, not far from its source above Keld P5110455
P5110456 P5110457 P5110459   Catrake Force (waterfall); peat stains the water deep brown. P5110460   Coming into Keld
P5110461 P5110462   At the Keld Lodge P5110463 P5110464   A night at Pry House Farm
P5110466 P5110467 folderimage folderthumb