Europe C2C10 - Keld to Reeth

Hiking from Keld to Reeth along the Swale via Gunnerside. At Reeth, we see cyclists preparing for the opening stage of the Tour de France.
P5120468   KELD TO REETH We assemble at Keld Lodge to follow the Swale downriver P5120470   Stop sniggering...this refers to a cask of ale P5120471 P5120472
P5120473 P5120474 P5120475 P5120476   The horizontal 'throughstomes' helped brace a stone wall
P5120477   Following the bank of the Swale P5120478 P5120479 P5120480
P5120481 P5120482 P5120483 P5120484
P5120485 P5120486 P5120487 P5120488
P5120489   High limestone cliffs P5120490 P5120491 P5120493
P5120494 P5120495 P5120496 P5120497
P5120498 P5120499 P5120500   This area was once a center for lead mininhg P5120501
P5120502 P5120503 P5120504 P5120505
P5120506 P5120507 P5120508 P5120509
P5120510 P5120511 P5120512 P5120513   The village of Gunnerside
P5120514 P5120515 P5120516   A good tearoom for a morning break P5120517
P5120518 P5120520 P5120521 P5120522   During WW II, Gunnerside was a training area for the attack on Hitler's heavy water plant in Norway
P5120523 P5120524 P5120525 P5120527
P5120528 P5120529 P5120530 P5120531
P5120532 P5120533 P5120534   Re-entering the Swale valley near Reeth P5120536   A 'free house' is a pub not contracted with only one brewery
P5120537   Dogs mingle freely in Yorkshire P5120539 P5120540 P5120541   Upstairs at the Buck
P5120542 P5120543   Businesses cluster around the Reet village square P5120544 P5120545   This is a local shuttle van
P5120546 P5120547 P5120548 P5120549
P5120550 P5120551 P5120552   Craft shops above the square P5120553
P5120554 P5120555 P5120556   And a few large new houses P5120557
P5120558 P5120559 P5120560 P5120561
P5120562 P5120564 P5120565 P5120566   Practicing for the 2014 Tour de France, which will pass through Reeth
P5120567 P5120569 P5120571