Europe C2C11 - Reeth to Richmond

From Reeth we continue through the Yorkshire Dales to Richmond, the largest town on our walk
P5130572   REETH TO RICHMOND P5130573   Leaving Reeth P5130574   We continue following the Swale downstream P5130576
P5130577 P5130578 P5130579 P5130580
P5130581 P5130583 P5130585 P5130586
P5130587 P5130588 P5130589 P5130591
P5130593 P5130594 P5130595 P5130596
P5130597 P5130599 P5130600 P5130601
P5130602 P5130604 P5130605 P5130606
P5130607 P5130608 P5130610 P5130611
P5130612 P5130613   Entering Richmond, a substantial market town P5130614 P5130618   The breakfast room
P5130619 P5130621 P5130622 P5130623
P5130624 P5130625 P5130626 P5130627
P5130628 P5130629 P5130630 P5130631
P5130632 P5130633 P5130634 P5130635
P5130636 P5130637 P5130638 P5130639
P5130640 P5130641 P5130642   Richmond Castle and original keep defined the central square, and was completed in 1086 P5130643   The wealth of the town came primarily from lead mining
P5130644 P5130645 P5130646 P5130647
P5130648 P5130649 P5130650 P5130651
P5130652 P5130653 P5130654 P5130656
P5130657 P5130658 P5130661 P5130662   We're still in the valley of the Swale
P5130663 P5130664 P5130665   Richmond Bridge P5130667
P5130669 P5130670 P5130671 P5130672
P5130674 folderimage folderthumb