Europe C2C13 - Osmotherley to Blakey

A day of hiking the North York Moors, starting with a series of sdmall summits that includes the Wainstones, and then continuing on a railtrail to the isolated inn of Blakey
P5150742   OSMOTHERLEY TO BLAKEY Across the North York Moors P5150744   This will be another long segment, over 21 miles P5150745   A heavily fortified bus shelter P5150746   After leaving Osmotherley, we climb four moorland hills
P5150747   Canola grows in the valley far below P5150748 P5150749 P5150750
P5150751 P5150752   Bluebells are in flower in Scarth Wood P5150753 P5150754
P5150755 P5150757 P5150758 P5150760
P5150761 P5150763   Heather blooms in August P5150764 P5150766
P5150767 P5150768 P5150769 P5150770
P5150771   Gavin sings a chorus of, "Amazing tape, so sweetly unwound, that saves a wretch like me! My sole came off, but now it's bound. I hobbled, but now I proceed..." P5150772   As we near the top of Hasty Bank, a group of Cumbrian high schoolers are being taught survival techniques... P5150773   These rocks are called the Wainstones P5150774   ...while we eat lunch
P5150776   We still have a long way to go, but into flatter terrain P5150777 P5150778 P5150779
P5150780   From here, the rest of today is on a railtrail all the way to Blakey P5150781   Right about here - I heard a cuckoo! P5150782   Blakey is the only night's stop that is not in a village. We trun left off the railtrail, and there's the Lion Inn, all by itself in the middle of the moor! It's as though the Mars rover had suddenly bumped into a Starbucks. IMG 2908   This time, all of us stay in one place
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