Europe C2C14 - Blakey to Grosmont

From the moors to Eskdale near the coast, ending in the town of Grosmont, famed for its steam locomotive yard and museum
P5160787   BLAKEY TO GROSMONT All together for a group shot in front of Lion Inn P5160788 P5160789 P5160790
P5160792   This morning we depart on the road, not the railtrail P5160793   Fat Betty, a 'wayside cross' used as a marker for travelers on the relatively featureless moor. Near Rosedale Head on the road leading away from Blakey. P5160794 P5160795
P5160797 P5160798 P5160799   At Danby Head, we turn from the road to a track... P5160800
P5160801 P5160802   This takes us into Glaisdale... P5160803   ...where the Tea Garden makes a refreshing midafternoon stop P5160804
P5160805 P5160806 P5160807 P5160809
P5160810 P5160811 P5160812 P5160813
P5160814   The Beggar's Bridge, crossing the Esk, was built by Thomas Ferris in 1619. When the swollen river made it impossible for hom to ask for a local squire's daughter's hand in marriage, he had to put to sea unwed. Returning a rich man, he built the bridge so others would not have to share his fate. P5160815 P5160816   Through the East Arncliff Wood P5160817
P5160818 P5160819 P5160820 P5160821
P5160822 P5160823 P5160824 P5160825   These steppingstones across the Esk lead us to "Heartbeat Country," locale of a famous Btitish TV series many years ago
P5160826 P5160827 P5160828 P5160830
P5160831 P5160832 P5160833   A bridge too narrow, a bus almost too wide P5160835   Entering Grosmont, our last stop on the trail
P5160839 P5160840   Grosmont is the home of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, which still operates some steam locomotives P5160841 P5160842
P5160844 P5160845 P5160846   Grosmont is home station and maintenance depot for the NYMR P5160847
P5160848 P5160849 P5160851 P5160852
P5160853   Cleaning trains P5160855 P5160857 P5160858
P5160859 P5160860 P5160861 P5160862
P5160863 P5160864   This old tunnel leads to the locomotive maintenance shops P5160865 P5160866
P5160867 P5160869 P5160870 P5160871
P5160872 P5160873 P5160874   Trains passing through Grosmont Station P5160875
P5170877 P5170878 P5170879 P5170881
P5170882 P5170883 folderimage folderthumb