Europe C2C15 - Grosmont to Robin Hoods Bay

On this last day of the Coast To Coast, we go from Grosmont through coastal valleys to the headland north of Robin Hood's Bay, then south along the North Sea to the end of the trail in the small seaside town of Robin Hood's Bay
P5170884   GROSMONT TO ROBIN HOOD'S BAY P5170885   Now we cross the eastern edge of the moors to the North Sea P5170887 P5170888
P5170890 P5170891 P5170892   The terrain is mostly flat but still boggy in spots P5170893
P5170894   The Falling Foss ("waterfall") Tea Garden, built as a gamekeeper's cottage in the 1780s P5170895   In the early 1900s it was opened as a tea garden, abandones in 1960, and reviced in 2008 P5170896 P5170898
P5170899 P5170900 P5170901 P5170902
P5170904 P5170905 P5170906   This 200-year-old hermitage was carved out of a single boulder P5170907
P5170908   The Falling Foss P5170909   Time for tea! P5170910 P5170912
P5170913 P5170914 P5170916 P5170917   Now we press on to the coast
P5170918 P5170919 P5170920 P5170921
P5170922 P5170923 P5170924 P5170927
P5170928 P5170929   The sea! P5170931 P5170932
P5170933   Our last aftrernoon rest stop P5170934 P5170935 P5170936
P5170937 P5170938 P5170941 P5170942   The village of Hawsker
P5170943 P5170945 P5170946   Here we walk through a holiday camp to the bluffs, then south P5170947
P5170948 P5170949 P5170950   We end as we began, walking along the sea cliffs, but in dramatically different weather P5170951
P5170952 P5170953 P5170955 P5170956   Robin Hood's Bay
P5170957 P5170958 P5170959   End of the trail in the town P5170960
P5170961   Checking in for our last night together P5170962   The trusty luggage van completes its last delivery P5170963 P5170964
P5170965 P5170966   We make our way down through the old town to cast our stones into the sea P5170967 P5170968
P5170969 P5170970 P5170971 P5170972   This officially ends our journey of 192 trail miles
P5170973   Malcolm gave the cumulative altitude gain as 34,000 ft, which is higher than Everest. P5170974   My reply was that it was 1,000 ft higher than Mauna Kea, and that like this mountain, the first 18,000 ft of it are much wetter than most hikers experience. P5170975 P5170976
P5170977 P5170979 P5170980   It's touristy here, but UK only P5170982   Our last drinks as a group
P5170983 P5170984 P5170986 P5170987
P5170988   Time to dry our boots before packing them away P5170001   The view refrom my room at Streonhalh. Tomorrow morning it will be breakfast and departure.