Hangover Trail Feb 14

Starting all the way down Schnebly Hill at the Huckaby parking area
P2110619   HANGOVER TRAIL P2110620 P2110622   Our destination is the Mitten Ridge saddle in the distance. We cross the unpaved part of the road several times as we climb. P2110624   Two windows, the 'jig Handles'
P2110626 P2110627 P2110628 P2110629
P2110630 P2110631 P2110632 P2110633
P2110635 P2110636 P2110637 P2110638
P2110639 P2110640 P2110641 P2110644
P2110645 P2110646   On Mitten Ridge. These basalt chunks have fallen from layers above and shattered. P2110647 P2110648
P2110649 P2110650 P2110651 P2110652   The saddle is just out of sight below the center of this shot
P2110653 P2110654 P2110655 P2110657
P2110658 P2110659 P2110661 P2110662
P2110663 P2110664 P2110665 P2110666
P2110667 P2110668   Eroded limestone P2110669 P2110670
P2110671 P2110672 P2110675 P2110676
P2110677 P2110680   On the saddle! P2110681   Oak Crceek canyon is visible on the other side, with Midgly Bridge. P2110682
P2110683 P2110684 P2110687 P2110688
P2110689 P2110690   Starting down on the other side at first. The Hangover is to the right on our course along this ledge level. P2110691 P2110692
P2110693 P2110694 P2110695 P2110696
P2110697 P2110698 P2110699 P2110700
P2110702 P2110703 P2110705 P2110706
P2110707 P2110708 P2110710 P2110711   Picturesque cross-bedding
P2110714 P2110715 P2110716 P2110717
P2110718 P2110721   The Jug Handles are now visible from the ither side of the rock P2110722 P2110723
P2110725 P2110726 P2110727 P2110729
P2110730 P2110731 P2110732   A break on the southern side of the ridge P2110733   Domonstrating a new shoe tying technique
P2110734 P2110735 P2110736 P2110737
P2110739 P2110740   We are now back on the front side of the Ridge P2110741 P2110742
P2110743 P2110745 P2110746   And back alongthe Munds Wagon Trail P2110747
P2110749 P2110750