Hangover Trail Nov 14

This scenic overlook between Oak Creek Canyon and Schnebly Hill starts from a point two miles from the end of pavement on Schnebly Hill Rd
PB180003   HANGOVER TRAIL PB180004   Our target is the saddle above the truck PB180005 PB180006   First, a wash heading up to the right of the peaks
PB180008 PB180009   Above the wash, a canyon PB180010 PB180011
PB180012 PB180013 PB180014 PB180015
PB180016 PB180017 PB180018 PB180020
PB180021 PB180023   ...With this iconic twisty tree PB180024 PB180026
PB180027 PB180028 PB180029 PB180030   Above this canyon, a good open place for a break
PB180032 PB180034 PB180035 PB180036
PB180037 PB180038   A final stairstep to a large open area, the Cowpies PB180039 PB180040
PB180041   ...From which our trail up to the saddle runs upward and to the left PB180043 PB180044 PB180045
PB180046 PB180047 PB180049   This intersection is where the actual Hangover Trail starts PB180050
PB180051 PB180052 PB180053   This part of the trail is ledgy PB180055
PB180056 PB180057 PB180058 PB180059
PB180060 PB180061 PB180062 PB180063
PB180064 PB180066 PB180068   On the final climb to the saddle, bikers PB180069
PB180070 PB180071 PB180072 PB180073   These blocks have fallen off the peak immediately above, not the one shown
PB180074 PB180076 PB180077 PB180078   From the saddle, a view across toward 89A
PB180079 PB180081 PB180082   This is the right-hand peak PB180083
PB180084 PB180087 PB180089 PB180092
PB180093 PB180094 PB180095 PB180097   Someone has built a wall to shade this tiny barrel cactus from the wind
PB180098 PB180100 PB180101 PB180103
PB180104 PB180106   Starting down toward the Hangover section PB180108 PB180109   Which starts here...
PB180111 PB180112 PB180115 PB180117
PB180118 PB180119 PB180121 PB180123
PB180124 PB180125   We emerge onto the sunny side of the peak PB180126 PB180128
PB180129 PB180130 PB180132 PB180133
PB180134   This saddle connects us to the Huckaby WIndows peak PB180135   Good views of Uptown Sedona PB180136 PB180138
PB180139 PB180140 PB180141 PB180143
PB180144 PB180145   A steep descent into the second saddle PB180147   We encounter four lost hikers, who accompany us down to the Munds Wagon Trail PB180148
PB180149 PB180150 PB180151 PB180152
PB180153 PB180154 PB180155 PB180156
PB180157 PB180158 PB180159 PB180161   We drop down one level for the traverse back
PB180162 PB180163 PB180164 PB180165
PB180166 PB180167 PB180168   The last trail intersection before we return to the road PB180169