Inner Basin Sep 14

The San Francisco Peaks are the remnant of an ancient 20,000 ft volcano which exploded in the same way Mt St Helens did in 1980. Today the remnant of the original mountain is a series of peaks surrounding Inner Basin, which is now a verdant catchment that traps rainfall in a porous eroded lava pipe
P9180001   INNER BASIN P9180002   No fall color yet, but a wet summer has brought out the flowers P9180003 P9180004
P9180005 P9180006   Starting at Lockett's Meadow with steep switchbacks up the hill P9180007 P9180008
P9180010 P9180011 P9180012 P9180013
P9180014 P9180015 P9180016 P9180017
P9180018 P9180020 P9180021 P9180022
P9180024 P9180025   After reaching Waterline Road, we continue up the hill by trail P9180026 P9180027
P9180028 P9180029 P9180030 P9180031
P9180032   Thisupper  segment of  the trail always has moss and mushrooms P9180033 P9180034 P9180035
P9180036 P9180038 P9180039   An open meadow for our morning break P9180040
P9180041 P9180043 P9180044 P9180045
P9180046 P9180047 P9180048   The weather begins to close in again P9180050
P9180051   A deadly Amanita mushroom P9180052 P9180053   The pumphouse supplyiong water to Flagstaff P9180054   This is the center of the circle of San Francisco Peaks summit hills formed by the long-aho explosion of the original volcanic peak
P9180055 P9180056 P9180057 P9180059   We opt to climb another 300 feet, to readch the 10,000 ft level
P9180061   Mullein P9180062   This is a good time for lunch P9180063 P9180064   Heading down as the weather grows more "interesting"
P9180065 P9180066 P9180067   Back on Waterline Road, which we now take to the first trail crossing P9180068
P9180070 P9180071 P9180072 P9180073
P9180074   This is where the switchbacking lower trail starts, and we leave the road P9180075 P9180076 P9180077
P9180078 P9180079 P9180080 P9180081
P9180082 P9180084 P9180086 P9180087