Jim Bryant Trail Jan 14

Starting at Little Horse via Chicken Point
P1149764   JIM BRYANT TRAIL P1149765   The start at Little Horse P1149766 P1149767
P1149768   The Nuns, behind the Chapel P1149769 P1149770 P1149771   The Nuns again, as we pass by
P1149772 P1149773 P1149774   Chicken Point is up on top P1149775   The Nuns once more, from the back
P1149776 P1149777 P1149779   Now we pass over the ridge into Jim Bryant country P1149780
P1149781 P1149782 P1149784 P1149787
P1149788 P1149789 P1149790   An Arizona cedar stand P1149793
P1149794 P1149795 P1149796 P1149797   As seen from here, Chicken Point is below the peak in the center
P1149798 P1149799 P1149800 P1149801
P1149802 P1149803 P1149804 P1149805
P1149808 P1149809 P1149811 P1149812   Lunch at the end of the canyon
P1149816 P1149817   Heading back P1149818 P1149819
P1149820 P1149821 P1149822 P1149823
P1149824 P1149825 P1149826 P1149827
P1149828 P1149829 P1149830 P1149832