Kelly Canyon Sep 14

A picturesque small canyon east of Hwy 89A just above the top of Oak Creek Canyon
P9160001   KELLY CANYON P9160004 P9160005 P9160006
P9160008 P9160009 P9160010 P9160011
P9160012 P9160014 P9160016 P9160017-2
P9160018 P9160019   After a wet summer, there is still a lot of water pooled in the colorful canyon P9160020 P9160021
P9160022 P9160024   Walking the furrowed limestone canyon bottom as it rises toward the Rim P9160025 P9160026
P9160027 P9160028 P9160029 P9160030
P9160031 P9160032 P9160033 P9160034
P9160035 P9160036 P9160037 P9160038
P9160039 P9160040 P9160041 P9160042
P9160043 P9160044 P9160045 P9160046
P9160047 P9160049 P9160050 P9160051
P9160052   As the altitude increases, ferns begin to appear P9160054   The cave arch, which allows access to an uphill trail on the other side P9160056 P9160057
P9160058 P9160059 P9160060 P9160061
P9160062 P9160063 P9160064 P9160066
P9160068 P9160069 P9160070 P9160072
P9160073 P9160074 P9160075 P9160076
P9160077 P9160078 P9160080 P9160081
P9160082 P9160083 P9160084 P9160085   We are now above the limestone pavement and into ponderosa forest
P9160087 P9160088 P9160090 P9160092
P9160093 P9160095 P9160096 P9160097
P9160098 P9160100 P9160101 P9160102
P9160103 P9160104 P9160105 P9160106
P9160107 P9160109 P9160110 P9160111
P9160112 P9160115 P9160117 P9160118
P9160119 P9160121 P9160122 P9160123   The ferns are now increasingly browned by frost
P9160124 P9160125 P9160126 P9160127
P9160129 P9160130 P9160131 P9160132
P9160133 P9160134 P9160135 P9160137
P9160139 P9160140 P9160141 P9160142   Sniffing a ponderosa to smell the 'butterscotch'
P9160143   And we start down... P9160144 P9160145 P9160146
P9160147 P9160148 P9160149   Not much fall color yet, but the smallest plants seem to start first P9160150
P9160151 P9160152 P9160153   Deeply eroded limestone pavement P9160155
P9160156 P9160157 P9160158 P9160159
P9160160 P9160161 P9160162 P9160163
P9160164 P9160165 P9160167 P9160168
P9160169 P9160171 P9160172 P9160173
P9160174 P9160175 P9160176