Ledge-N-Airy Dec14

This new trail starts at Hwy 89A and Lower Red Rock Loop Rd, taking a circuitous route of ledges to the Cultural Center
PC020001   LEDGE 'N AIRY PC020002 PC020003   Heading eventually toward the Cultural Center PC020004
PC020006 PC020007 PC020008 PC020009
PC020013   Kenoshia PC020015 PC020016 PC020017
PC020018 PC020020 PC020021   We make our way along twisty ledges staying at the same level PC020022
PC020023-2 PC020023 PC020024 PC020025
PC020026 PC020027 PC020028 PC020030
PC020031 PC020032 PC020033   We pass through a limestone layer PC020034
PC020035 PC020037   Hawks! PC020039 PC020040
PC020041 PC020042 PC020043 PC020044
PC020046 PC020047 PC020048 PC020049
PC020050 PC020051 PC020052 PC020053
PC020054 PC020055 PC020056 PC020057
PC020058 PC020059   We find a sheltered little wash as a lunch spot PC020060 PC020062
PC020063 PC020065   A small but active Forest Service quarry PC020066 PC020067
PC020068 PC020069 PC020070 PC020071   Approaching the Cultural Center
PC020072   At the former landfill site next to the Center, the remaining Oldsmobile PC020074 PC020075