Long Canyon Apr 14

P4080419   LONG CANYON P4080420 P4080421   Explaininhg the many sights as we make our way up the canyon P4080422
P4080423 P4080425   The spire directly ahead is the Ice CReam Cone P4080426 P4080429   Tuening off the public trail, we climb the heights
P4080430 P4080431 P4080432 P4080433
P4080434 P4080435 P4080438 P4080439   Rock mat grows in the seeps coming from this limestone l;ayer
P4080440   A close look at rock mat P4080441 P4080442 P4080444
P4080445   A hedgehog cactus in bloom P4080446 P4080447 P4080448
P4080449 P4080450 P4080451 P4080453
P4080454   A scenic break spot P4080455 P4080456 P4080457
P4080458 P4080459 P4080460 P4080462
P4080463 P4080464 P4080465 P4080466
P4080467   The Kissing Rocks P4080468 P4080471 P4080472
P4080473 P4080474   A snake pictograph P4080475   ...And lizards... P4080476
P4080477 P4080478   This haloed star could be either a nova or an apparition of Venus P4080479 P4080480   And what's this?
P4080481   A closer look at the haloed star P4080482   A 'negative hand', print, made by blowing white pigmant between splayed fingers P4080483 P4080485
P4080487 P4080488 P4080489 P4080490
P4080491 P4080492 P4080495 P4080496   Descending to a lower benchline, we head for the top ends of the canyon
P4080498 P4080499 P4080500 P4080501   Indian paintbrush
P4080502 P4080503 P4080505 P4080506   Dormant biocrust attached to rock, awaiting train to come to life
P4080507 P4080508 P4080509 P4080511
P4080512 P4080513 P4080514 P4080515
P4080516 P4080517 P4080518   Giant manzannita. Some of these steps are a foot in diameter P4080519
P4080520 P4080522   The bootlegger caves. Traces of 1920s gear can still be found P4080523 P4080524   The fireplace that heated a bootlegger's mash
P4080526 P4080527 P4080528 P4080530
P4080531 P4080533 P4080534   Lunch in the big bowl at the head of the canyon P4080535
P4080536 P4080537 P4080538 P4080539
P4080540 P4080542   Back along the public trail P4080543 P4080544