Loy Canyon Plus Apr 14

P4030269   LOY CANYON PLUS P4030270   The Honanki trailhead P4030271   It snowed a little the night before P4030272
P4030273 P4030274 P4030275 P4030276
P4030277 P4030278 P4030279 P4030280
P4030281 P4030283 P4030284 P4030285
P4030286 P4030287 P4030288 P4030289
P4030290 P4030292 P4030293 P4030294
P4030296 P4030298 P4030299 P4030301
P4030302 P4030304 P4030305 P4030306   Looking for prickly pear spines
P4030307   Great views from on high... P4030308 P4030309 P4030310
P4030311 P4030312 P4030313 P4030315
P4030316 P4030317 P4030318 P4030319
P4030320 P4030321 P4030323   MOrning btreak P4030324
P4030325 P4030326 P4030328   An alligator juniper P4030329
P4030330   Heading for Surprise CAnyon P4030332 P4030333 P4030334
P4030335 P4030337 P4030338 P4030339
P4030341 P4030342 P4030343 P4030344
P4030345 P4030346 P4030347 P4030348
P4030350 P4030351 P4030352 P4030353
P4030354 P4030356 P4030357 P4030358
P4030359 P4030361 P4030362 P4030363   On the saddle above Surprise Canyon, a good spot for lunch
P4030364 P4030365 P4030366 P4030367
P4030368 P4030369 P4030370 P4030371
P4030372 P4030376 P4030378 P4030380
P4030381 P4030383 P4030385 P4030386
P4030387 P4030388 P4030389 P4030390
P4030391 P4030392 P4030393 P4030394
P4030396   Taking the Surprise Canyon trail back P4030398 P4030399 P4030402
P4030403 P4030404 P4030407 P4030408
P4030409 P4030410 P4030411 P4030412
P4030414 P4030415 P4030416 P4030417