Mayan Maiden Nov 14

A loop trail north of Verde Valley School Rd in Village of oak Creek
PB130003   MAYAN MAIDEN PB130004 PB130006   Synchronize GPSes... PB130008
PB130009 PB130011   First sight of the Mayan Maiden. First we head uphill PB130012   Castle Rock as seen from the west side PB130013   The Village of Oak Creek is to the right
PB130014 PB130015 PB130016 PB130018
PB130019 PB130020 PB130021   Looking west past Cathedral Rock PB130022
PB130024 PB130025   Verde Valley School and beyond PB130026 PB130027
PB130029   A rock with a better view PB130031 PB130033   This linked set of three small canyons lends some variety to the climb PB130034
PB130035 PB130036 PB130037 PB130038
PB130039 PB130040 PB130041 PB130042
PB130045 PB130046 PB130047 PB130049
PB130050 PB130052 PB130053 PB130056
PB130057 PB130058 PB130060 PB130061   We have had a rainy summer, so lots of lichen on these rocks
PB130062 PB130063 PB130064 PB130066
PB130069 PB130071 PB130072 PB130073
PB130074 PB130075 PB130076 PB130077   The back of the Seven Sisters
PB130079 PB130081 PB130086 PB130087   The lime-green lichen, close up
PB130088 PB130089 PB130090 PB130091
PB130092 PB130094 PB130095 PB130096
PB130097 PB130099 PB130101   Horse barns on the west side of VOC PB130102
PB130104 PB130105 PB130109 PB130110
PB130111 PB130112   We are now up on the just-closed Circle Transept trail that once circled the Seven Sisters. This section has not been erased yet. PB130113 PB130114
PB130115   A good place for lunch, overlooking VOC PB130116 PB130117 PB130118
PB130119 PB130121 PB130122 PB130124
PB130125 PB130126 PB130128 PB130130   We start back, but by way of the maiden this time
PB130131   The Fort Apache Layer, a limestone belt that permeates the area PB130134 PB130135   Sionagua potsherds and a mano, used for grinding grain PB130137
PB130138 PB130139 PB130141 PB130145
PB130147 PB130148 PB130150 PB130151
PB130153 PB130155   Right next to these houses... PB130156   ...Is the Maiden PB130158   A short distance farter on, this pioneer irrigation dam. A pond at right watered cattle.
PB130159 PB130160 PB130161   Just below the dam, a carving of unknown origin PB130162   The outrun below the dam
PB130165 PB130166   That's all. folks!