Mayan Man Circle Mar 14

From the Turkey Creek trailhead on Verde Valley School Rd, Village of Oak Creek
P3110001   MAYAN MAN CIRCLE P3110003   Turkey Creek trailhead; first we head toward Mayan Man P3110004 P3110005
P3110006   Deer scat is plentiful in this area P3110007 P3110008   A deer print P3110009   Climbing Mayan Man
P3110011   From the tio, we can look over Verde Valley School on a day of increasing cirrus cloud P3110012 P3110013 P3110014
P3110015 P3110016 P3110017   From the top, we can overlook Verde Valley School P3110018   A rwisted juniper
P3110019 P3110020   We press on to the next hill P3110021 P3110022
P3110024 P3110025 P3110026 P3110028
P3110029 P3110030 P3110031 P3110032
P3110033 P3110035 P3110036 P3110037
P3110038   The VOC Sinkhole, with its small but deep entrance P3110039   ...which leads to a large room P3110041 P3110042
P3110043 P3110044 P3110045 P3110046
P3110047 P3110048   The blue-green area in the distance is a winter-dry meadow P3110049   Climbing the next hill, entwined in  cumulocirrus P3110051
P3110052 P3110053 P3110054 P3110055
P3110056 P3110057 P3110058 P3110059
P3110060 P3110061 P3110062 P3110063
P3110064 P3110065   A good place for lunch P3110067 P3110068
P3110069 P3110070 P3110072 P3110074
P3110075   Turkey Breast rock. This is as close as we get to this one today. P3110076 P3110077 P3110078
P3110079 P3110080 P3110081 P3110084
P3110085 P3110086 P3110087 P3110088
P3110089 P3110090 P3110091 P3110092
P3110093   Crossing the meadow. P3110094 P3110095