Mescal Jan 14

Mescal is a mesa accessible as a side hike from Long Canyon
P1079638   MESCAL From the Long Canyon trailhead P1079640   Up Long Canyon toward Mescal Mountain P1079641 P1079642   We proceed clockwise around the base
P1079643 P1079644   THe difficult climb to the top would be up this slot P1079645 P1079646
P1079647 P1079648 P1079649 P1079650
P1079651 P1079652 P1079653 P1079654
P1079655   A fork in the trail P1079656 P1079657   A nice disolay of desert varnish P1079658
P1079659 P1079660   Climbing up to the Birthing Cave P1079662 P1079663
P1079664 P1079665 P1079666 P1079667
P1079668 P1079669 P1079671 P1079672
P1079673 P1079676 P1079677   We call this quasi-ruin the COnference Center, and a good place for lunch P1079678
P1079679 P1079680 P1079681 P1079682
P1079683 P1079685 P1079686   A small ruin on the way to the cave P1079687
P1079688 P1079689   The Birthing Cave P1079690 P1079691
P1079692 P1079694 P1079695 P1079696
P1079698 P1079699 P1079700   We make our way back