Morning Glory Vista Dec 14

A short but steep spire hike starting from the Soldier Pass trailhead
PC110151   MORNING GLORY VISTA PC110153   Our first stop is the Devil's Kitchen sinkhole. A 4.7 earthquake the previous week has opened up the crack on the side of the sinkhole farther. PC110154   There is now a second crack farther away from the edge PC110155
PC110156 PC110157 PC110159   The Sphinx (our target) and the Mitten PC110161   A corkscrewed Arizona cypress
PC110162 PC110163 PC110164 PC110165   We stay close to town on this trail
PC110166 PC110167 PC110168 PC110170
PC110171   Climbing the Mitten, heading for the saddle to the right PC110172 PC110173 PC110175
PC110176 PC110177 PC110178   High on the saddle PC110179
PC110180 PC110181 PC110182   Now we cross over and take ledges around the Mitten to a saddle on the other side of it PC110183
PC110184 PC110185 PC110187 PC110188
PC110189   ...Which leads to the Sphinx next to it. A good view of the Fort Apache layer from here. PC110190 PC110191 PC110193
PC110194 PC110195 PC110196   Climbing tne spire PC110197
PC110198 PC110199 PC110200   A good rest and view spot PC110201
PC110202 PC110203 PC110205 PC110206
PC110208 PC110209 PC110210 PC110211
PC110212 PC110213 PC110214 PC110216
PC110217 PC110218   We make our way over to  the side of the Sphinx, with a view of our previous rest spot PC110220 PC110221
PC110222   Some good cross-bedding here PC110223   Now to make our way down the side of the Sphinx PC110224 PC110225
PC110226 PC110227 PC110228 PC110229
PC110230 PC110232 PC110233   A look back at the Sphinx PC110235
PC110236 PC110237 PC110238   Down the lower slopes to the Soldier Pass public trail PC110240   The back of Coffee Pot is on the left
PC110241 PC110242 PC110243 PC110245
PC110246 PC110249   Lunch, just before we hit the main trail PC110250 PC110251
PC110252 PC110254 PC110255 PC110256   At Seven Sacred pools, a flower not from around here. Perhaps there was a wedding.
PC110257 PC110259 PC110260 PC110261