Page Springs Photo Shoot

A photo shoot day covering some points of interest in the area
Bubbling Pond P3260118   This must be the Pond, which is part of the hatchery and part of a large wetland P3260120 P3260122
P3260124 P3260125 P3260127 P3260135
P3260137 P3260139 P3260141 P3260143
P3260146 P3260147   Lush grasses are everywhere, but not many flowers yet P3260148 P3260149
P3260152 P3260153 P3260154 P3260156
P3260157 P3260158 P3260161 P3260162
P3260164 P3260165 P3260167 P3260168
P3260169 P3260170 P3260171 P3260172
P3260173 P3260174 P3260175 P3260176
P3260180 P3260182 P3260184 P3260185
P3260186 P3260187 P3260191 P3260192
P3260194 P3260195 P3260199 P3260200
P3260201 P3260202 P3260203 P3260205
P3260206 P3260207 P3260210 P3260211
P3260213 P3260214   Now we go over to the Hatchery P3260215 P3260216
P3260218 P3260220 P3260221 P3260222
P3260223 P3260224 P3260225   A stinkbug P3260226
P3260227 P3260229 P3260230   This being a slow season, not much of the hatchery is in use right now P3260231
P3260233   Speckled trout fingerlings P3260235 P3260236 P3260237
P3260238 P3260239 P3260241 P3260244
P3260246 P3260249 P3260250   A picnic spot just outside P3260251   Après-photo, at Java Love
P3260252 P3260253 P3260254 P3260256
P3260257 P3260258 P3260259 P3260260