Parson Spring Oct 14

A hike along Sycamore Creek from near the Verde to the source spring
PA300088   PARSON SPRING PA300090 PA300092   No camping below the spring PA300093
PA300094   A perennial stream leaves a deciduous mark on the landscape PA300095 PA300096 PA300097
PA300098 PA300100   The landmark 'arch' PA300101   The first pool on the creek PA300102
PA300103 PA300106 PA300108   A huge stone dropped from the rim PA300109
PA300110 PA300111   A narrow ledge edging past the creek PA300112 PA300113
PA300114 PA300116 PA300117 PA300118
PA300119 PA300120 PA300121 PA300122
PA300125 PA300126 PA300127 PA300131
PA300133 PA300135 PA300137 PA300139   A rockfall...
PA300140 PA300141   ...From this high edge PA300142 PA300143
PA300145 PA300146 PA300147 PA300148   Climbing a long loop to the west
PA300149 PA300151   Which leads around this cliff to the largest pool PA300154   This pool is up to 60 ft deep PA300155
PA300156 PA300159 PA300160 PA300161
PA300164 PA300165 PA300166 PA300167
PA300168   A good place for a break PA300169 PA300170 PA300171
PA300172 PA300175 PA300176 PA300178
PA300179 PA300181 PA300182 PA300183   A longer ledge walk along the creek
PA300185 PA300188 PA300189 PA300191
PA300193 PA300194   Heading north again toward the spring PA300195 PA300196   A cave in the canyon wall
PA300197 PA300200 PA300201 PA300202
PA300203   Pools beside the ledge PA300204 PA300205 PA300206
PA300207 PA300208 PA300211 PA300212
PA300215 PA300216 PA300217 PA300219
PA300220   It gets brushier from this point, and the crossings more difficult PA300221 PA300222 PA300224
PA300225 PA300228   The most difficult of the six crossings PA300230 PA300232
PA300234   An unusual miniature cholla PA300235 PA300236 PA300238
PA300241   At one water crossing, a lively cluster of gnats PA300244 PA300246 PA300247   We are now getting close to the spring
PA300248 PA300251 PA300254 PA300255   Time for lunch!
PA300258 PA300262 PA300266   On our way back PA300268
PA300269 PA300271 PA300272 PA300273
PA300275 PA300276 PA300277 PA300278
PA300279 PA300280 PA300283 PA300284
PA300285 PA300286 PA300288 PA300289
PA300291 PA300293 PA300297 PA300298
PA300301 PA300302 PA300303 PA300304
PA300305 PA300306 PA300309 PA300310
PA300311 PA300314 PA300316 PA300317