Soldier Heights Cibola Pass Sep 14

Starting at the Soldier Pass trailhead, a loop up to Brins Mesa via the Arch, across the mesa and down the front side, and then across the front of the Mitten via Cibola Pass to the starting point
P9250001   SOLDIER PASS HEIGHTS P9250002 P9250003   An obigatory stop at Devil's Kitchen to see how far this hanging block is from falling into the sinkhole P9250004
P9250005   Evantually its fate will be that of the 'Grand Piano' P9250006 P9250007 P9250008
P9250009   The Seven Pools. Abalone-like sets of scour ponds along a crack also occur elsewhere in this area P9250010 P9250011 P9250012   Climbing toward Brtins Mesa
P9250013 P9250014 P9250015 P9250016
P9250017 P9250019 P9250020 P9250022
P9250023 P9250024   At the Arch P9250025 P9250026
P9250027   The Arch is now fully separated from the canyon wall P9250028 P9250029 P9250030
P9250031 P9250032 P9250034 P9250036
P9250037   One rock showing a bit of fossil beach P9250038 P9250039   Smaller arches-in-being P9250040
P9250041 P9250042 P9250044 P9250045   A javelina den
P9250046 P9250047 P9250049 P9250050
P9250051   On top of the mesa! Now it's a flat hike for some time. P9250052 P9250053 P9250054
P9250055   Traces of the Brins Mesa burn of 8 years ago P9250056 P9250058 P9250059
P9250060 P9250061 P9250062 P9250063   Hanging on...
P9250064 P9250065 P9250066   Down the front side of the mesa, facing the Jordan Road trailhead P9250068
P9250069 P9250070 P9250071   Up to the Mitten ridge by stages P9250072   The Mitten
P9250073 P9250074 P9250075   A good overlook and lunch spot P9250076
P9250078 P9250079 P9250080 P9250081
P9250082 P9250085 P9250086 P9250087
P9250088 P9250089 P9250090 P9250091
P9250092 P9250093   Down from the ridge and tothe Cibola Pass trail P9250095 P9250097   And back to the sinkhole