Soldier Pass Heights Feb 14

P2251134   SOLDIER PASS HEIGHTS P2251136   This huge block on the rim of Devil's Kitchen has been slowly breaking away from the rim. This crack keeps widening. P2251137   The 'Grand Piano' is a block that fell off in the Seventies P2251138
P2251139   Sacred Pools P2251141 P2251142 P2251143
P2251144 P2251145   We stt to clim the right wall of the pocket P2251146   The Mitten P2251147
P2251148 P2251149 P2251150 P2251152   The first cave in a series close together on the wall
P2251153 P2251154 P2251155 P2251156
P2251157   A second cave above the first P2251158 P2251159 P2251161
P2251163 P2251164 P2251165 P2251166
P2251167 P2251168   A hedgehog cactus P2251169 P2251170
P2251173 P2251174 P2251175 P2251176
P2251177 P2251178 P2251180 P2251181
P2251182 P2251183 P2251184 P2251185   Back on the public trail
P2251186 P2251188   High on this wall, another cave with ruins and rock art P2251189 P2251191
P2251192 P2251193 P2251194 P2251195
P2251196 P2251197 P2251199 P2251200
P2251201 P2251202 P2251203 P2251204
P2251206 P2251207 P2251209 P2251210
P2251211 P2251212 P2251213 P2251214
P2251215 P2251216   Moss and rock mat grows on the wall where seeps are available P2251217 P2251218   Wilson Mountain
P2251219 P2251220   We make our way farther along the ledge... P2251221   ...until we can climb up to a lunch spot P2251222
P2251224 P2251226 P2251227 P2251229
P2251231 P2251233   On the way back tothe public trail, we find something odd P2251234   What made these white-rimmed holes? P2251236   Orange lichen
P2251237 P2251238 P2251240   Cross-bedding P2251241
P2251242 P2251243 P2251244 P2251246   This stump on the public trail marks our shortcut...
P2251247   ...which takes us back to Soldier Pass  trailhead P2251248 P2251250 P2251252
P2251253 P2251254 P2251255 P2251256