Three Canyons Jan 14

Starting from the first Verde Valley School Rd trailhead
P1230033   THREE CANYONS P1230034   We strta directly up slope on the Seven Sisters side, but not to the Highline Trail P1230035 P1230036
P1230037 P1230038   ...but to a ledge level below iyt P1230039 P1230040
P1230042   Proceeding north below the Highline P1230043 P1230044 P1230045   Overlooking Little Park
P1230048 P1230050 P1230051 P1230052   The swest side of Castle Rock
P1230053 P1230054 P1230056   Climbing a narriw wash P1230057
P1230060 P1230062 P1230063 P1230065
P1230066 P1230067 P1230069 P1230070
P1230071   Yellow-green lichen P1230073 P1230075 P1230076
P1230077 P1230078 P1230079 P1230081
P1230082 P1230084 P1230085   We climb into a deep canyon P1230086
P1230087 P1230088 P1230089 P1230090
P1230091 P1230093   This pool has a deep scour pit at the far end P1230094 P1230095
P1230096 P1230097   Desert varnish P1230098   There is no hiking route out of the top end of this canyon P1230099
P1230102 P1230103 P1230104 P1230105
P1230107 P1230109   Heading across to Silver Canyon P1230110 P1230112
P1230113 P1230114 P1230117 P1230118
P1230120 P1230121 P1230122 P1230123   We are now directly above Little Park
P1230124 P1230125 P1230126 P1230127
P1230129 P1230131 P1230132 P1230133
P1230134 P1230135 P1230137 P1230138
P1230139 P1230140 P1230141 P1230143
P1230146 P1230149 P1230150   Potsherds we found near the trail P1230152
P1230155 P1230156 P1230157 P1230158
P1230160   Our return is through a series of narrow slots P1230162 P1230165 P1230167
P1230169 P1230171 P1230174 P1230175
P1230176 P1230179   A dead javelina P1230181 P1230182   Although we are by this point adjacent to the Vilage, it still feels like wilderness
P1230183 P1230184 P1230186 P1230187
P1230188 P1230189 P1230190 P1230192
P1230194   Mayan Maiden P1230196 P1230197   The pioneer irrigation dam, later superseded by drilled wells. P1230199   Is this figure ancient or modern? This does not look like Sinagua technique.
P1230202 P1230203 P1230205   Finally, Castle Rock in the distance