Three Dog Hike Feb 14

A private-party hike through Sterling to Many Hands, with dogs
P2130751   STERLING PASS VULTEE ARCH P2130754   The first part is the steepest, up to the pass to the right of center P2130755   Zoe is along on this trip P2130756
P2130757 P2130758 P2130759   The lower part of the canyon has not birned in historic times P2130760   Now we clinb into the Bris Mesa burn area
P2130761 P2130762 P2130764 P2130766
P2130767   Our second dog of the day is Maggy P2130768 P2130769 P2130770
P2130771 P2130772 P2130774 P2130776
P2130778 P2130779 P2130780   The view window near the top P2130781
P2130782 P2130783   Resting at the top of the pass P2130784 P2130785
P2130787 P2130789   The third dog: Parker P2130790 P2130791
P2130792 P2130793   Heading down the forested westerm side of the pass P2130794 P2130795
P2130796 P2130797 P2130798 P2130799
P2130800 P2130801 P2130802 P2130803
P2130805 P2130806 P2130807 P2130811
P2130812 P2130813 P2130815 P2130816   We meet another lone hiker, from Colorado
P2130818 P2130819 P2130823 P2130825
P2130826 P2130829   many Hands Cave P2130830 P2130831
P2130832 P2130833 P2130836 P2130837
P2130838 P2130839 P2130840 P2130842
P2130843   None of us have seen this artifact before P2130844 P2130845 P2130846
P2130847 P2130849 P2130850   This pit may have started as a metate that was deepened into a storage pit P2130851   Time for lunch!
P2130854 P2130855 P2130856 P2130857
P2130858   Climbing to Vultee Arch P2130859 P2130860 P2130864
P2130866 P2130867 P2130868 P2130869
P2130871 P2130873   Back up the forested side of the pass P2130874 P2130876
P2130877 P2130878 P2130880 P2130881
P2130882 P2130884 P2130885 P2130886
P2130887 P2130888 P2130889 P2130890   Back on top
P2130891 P2130893 P2130895   Active moss growing at a seep P2130896   New life comes to a burned-out tree
P2130898   A final rest while we wait for everyone to gather P2130900 P2130901 P2130902
P2130903   As we leave the trail, another family is just starting up