Twin Buttes Feb 14

From the Mystic trailhead on Chapel Rd
P2201012   TWIN BUTTES P2201013 P2201014 P2201015
P2201017   Climbing first to the highest trail level on the cliff, where there is a cave P2201019 P2201020 P2201021
P2201022   The trail runs through the cave P2201023 P2201024 P2201025
P2201028 P2201029 P2201030   We continue on this lwevel around the mountain P2201032
P2201033 P2201034 P2201035 P2201037
P2201038 P2201039 P2201040 P2201042
P2201043 P2201044 P2201045 P2201046
P2201048 P2201049 P2201050   The old Sedona cemetery P2201051   Looking back at where we came
P2201052 P2201053   Out onto Battlement Mesa P2201055 P2201056
P2201058 P2201059 P2201061 P2201062
P2201063   Now we continue around the backside of the mountain P2201064 P2201065 P2201066
P2201067 P2201068   The back basin comes into view P2201070 P2201071   We climb the back side to emerge into a saddle, giving views to the fromt
P2201073   Courthouse and Bell Rocks P2201075   Cathedral, and below the Chapel P2201076 P2201077
P2201078 P2201079 P2201080 P2201081
P2201082 P2201083 P2201084 P2201085
P2201086   Looking across at our second party P2201087 P2201090   Now we continue along the back side P2201091
P2201093 P2201094 P2201095 P2201097
P2201098 P2201099 Chicken Point P2201101 P2201102
P2201104 P2201105 P2201107   We climb almost to the Whiteline P2201108
P2201109 P2201110 P2201111 P2201113
P2201114 P2201115 P2201116   From here, we can look DOWN on Chicken Point and the Pink Jeeps P2201118
P2201119   Coming around the south side, onto Chapel Trail P2201120 P2201121 P2201122
P2201123 P2201124 P2201125 P2201126
P2201127 P2201129 P2201130 P2201132   Emerging berlow the Chapel...
P2201133   ...and back to our starting point IMG 20140220 125854 254   Taken by Peter Smith