Upper Fay Canyon Feb 14

Starting from the Fay Canyon trailhead
P2180904   UPPER FAY CANYON P2180907 P2180909 P2180910
P2180912 P2180913 P2180914 P2180915
P2180916 P2180917 P2180918-2   Turning off the public trail, we claimb to the ARch P2180918
P2180921 P2180922 P2180925 P2180926
P2180927 P2180929 P2180930 P2180931
P2180932 P2180933   Original stome, but not original construction P2180934 P2180935
P2180937 P2180940   In 2003 the Ship's Prow collpased, forming a rockfall that is now the end of the public trail P2180943   We make our way into a steep side canyon beside the Prow P2180944
P2180945 P2180946 P2180948 P2180949
P2180950 P2180951 P2180952 P2180953
P2180954   Here's a good place for a break P2180955 P2180956 P2180958   Courthouse is visible down the canyon
P2180959 P2180960 P2180961 P2180962
P2180963 P2180965 P2180967 P2180968
P2180972 P2180974 P2180975 P2180976   Beyond the rockfall. we head or the end of the canyon
P2180977 P2180979 P2180980 P2180981   There is another small ruin here
P2180982 P2180984 P2180986 P2180987
P2180988 P2180989 P2180990 P2180991
P2180992 P2180993 P2180995 P2180996
P2180997 P2180998 P2180999 P2181001   Lunch at the canyon's end
P2181002 P2181004 P2181005 P2181006
P2181007 P2181009 P2181010 P2181011