Wilson Mountain First Bench Nov 14

A climb up the Wilson Mountain trail from Midgley Bridge to First Bench, then down the North Wilson trail to Encinoso Campground
PB250005   WILSON - FIRST BENCH Waiting at Midgley Bridge as we set up the shuttle arrangement. PB250007 PB250009 PB250011
PB250012 PB250013 PB250014   Start of the open, mostly treeless South WIlson Trail PB250015
PB250016 PB250017 PB250018 PB250019
PB250020 PB250021 PB250022   A good view of the back of Steamboat Rock PB250024
PB250026 PB250027 PB250028 PB250029
PB250031   As we climb, the views expand PB250032 PB250033   The final climb into the saddle on the side of WIlson Mountain PB250034
PB250035 PB250036 PB250037 PB250039
PB250040 PB250041 PB250044 PB250045
PB250046   Looking back at Midgley PB250048 PB250049 PB250050
PB250051 PB250052 PB250053 PB250054
PB250055 PB250056 PB250057 PB250058
PB250060 PB250061 PB250062 PB250063   The saddle, First Bench, is capped with basalt that represents a primordial lava flow
PB250064 PB250065 PB250067   Looking across into Oak Creek Canyon. This is a good place for lunch. PB250068
PB250070 PB250072 PB250074   The 'sash' around this formation is a highly distorted light layer PB250075
PB250077 PB250078 PB250080   Crossing the bench, we can now look down into the North Wilson trail to its intersection with Oak Creek Canyon at Encinoso Campground PB250083   The beginning of the Bttins Mesa Fire burn area on North Wilson
PB250084 PB250085 PB250086 PB250088
PB250089 PB250091   In sheltered pockets, a few autumn leaves persist PB250092 PB250093   We move down into the canyon on the North Wilson side
PB250094 PB250095 PB250096 PB250097
PB250098 PB250099 PB250100 PB250102
PB250103 PB250104 PB250107   As we approach Oak Creek Canyon, we see a limestone wall exposed behind exfoliating sandstone. PB250108   Arrival at Encinoso Campground, for shuttle by road to Midgly Bridge.