Airport Loop Flowers Apr 15

This short hike, around Sedona's Airport Mesa, was shot entirely in macro to show off the spring flowers.
P4210001   AIRPORT LOOP FLOWERS P4210002   Four o'clock P4210003 P4210007   Perky Sue
P4210009   Verbena P4210010 P4210011   A black widow web P4210012
P4210013 P4210014 P4210016 P4210019
P4210021 P4210023   Daisy P4210025   Perky Sue with spider P4210026   Mountain dahlia
P4210027   Hedgehog cactus P4210030 P4210032 P4210033   Sego lily
P4210037   Globemallow P4210038   Penstemon P4210039 P4210041   Prickly pear
P4210042   Ocotillo P4210044 P4210046 P4210047
P4210051 P4210052 P4210055 P4210056
P4210058   Prickly pear buds with insects sipping nectar P4210059 P4210060 P4210064   Skyrocket gilia
P4210065 P4210066   Globemallow P4210068   Parry's penstemon